For That Very Special Gift

Elvis Presley is the greatest popular singing artist of all time. In the United States, RCA Victor owned the full rights to his music. This is a big company, and for them, to say that they owned this aspect of Presley was the biggest feather in their proverbial cap.
We all know the big ones – Jail house rock; Heartbreak hotel; It’s now or never; Rags to riches, and the other seven hundred odd songs that the King of Rock and Roll recorded in his short lifetime. But are you aware of how it all started?
It started as a gift.
A 19 year old Presley walked in to one of the small, local recording studios based in the state of Tennessee in America with the intention of cutting a vinyl of himself singing “My Happiness” as a much belated birthday present for his beloved mother. The rest they say, is history. But oh what a special gift this would have been to Gladys Presley!
If you have been blessed with the gift of music, and you wish to put your heart and soul in to the perfect gift for someone you love and cherish beyond the world itself, perhaps you would consider a gift similar to the one that the legendary Presley decided upon? Our recording studios are based in Sydney and are aptly equipped to handle any type of music capturing, processing, editing, digitizing and storing. From small solo acts to large orchestras, our facilities are outfitted with all the equipment that you may require with which to produce the perfect clip of music or song. Link here offer a high standard service that can suit to your specific needs.
We are also the proud owners of a large array of top of the class musical instruments, the center jewel of which is our Steinway and Sons model D grand piano. This is our pride and joy, and it is always equipped with a microphone so you simply need to sit at it, and start playing. The preset equipment will handle everything else about the music that is created upon it.
Our facilities also include a wide range of microphones, each better suited for one purpose or instrument than a generic option.
As with any professional facility, ours too contains the best of breed mixing equipment, the best of breed equalizers and sound equipment that ensures that the music you create, or the songs you sing, are captured exactly as it should be; sans the echos and white noise of lesser facilities. In consultation with you, we will carry out several takes of your performance, mix and edit as required and finally, cut the perfected audio track on to a cd at the highest bitrates available. Good enough to be broadcast on national radio! This is our promise to you.

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