Year: 2016

Organizing A Product Launch For Your Brand New Product

Launching a brand new product is an important milestone for any company and therefore launching the product is an important event. Hosting an event launch is not just about having a big party to celebrate your new product but is more about letting the public and your potential customers know about your brand and your products. It is important that you focus on showing your gifts and therefore your potential customers how innovative and useful your product is going to be.

Write an itinerary

It is important to start planning your product launch at least a few months ahead of the date of the event because you will need to do market research into the other available products in the market that are similar or equivalent to your own as well as the pricing of these products. If you find that your product is priced well above its equivalent product in the market you will need to find ways of justifying this additional cost to your guests by showing them how your product is better and more futuristic than the product available in the market. You may hire a management company to handle the event itself and the corporate event entertainment area while you and your team focus on the areas that are about your product such as the speeches that you must keep short but to the point and the videos and presentations that will give your guests an insight into the product and its features.

You may ask your event management company to try to incorporate your company’s logo and your product into the corporate entertainment by having entertainment that is somewhat in line with your company’s products and services. As an example you might want to consider having a futuristic entertainment lineup if your products focus on I.T and future based products.

Give your customer an experience of your product

It is important for you to use your product launch as a platform to allow your customer or potential customer to touch feel and interact with your product so that they will become personalized with it and create a distant memory of the product. This way your product will not leave your customers mind and it will play a role in their future decisions with the end result being the potential purchase of your product in many cases. You may even offer your customers a significant discount if they are willing tio commit to buying the product at the launch itself.



The Master Of Illusion

If you have ever had that childhood fantasy of impressing your friends and family with tricks of illusion, then it is most likely that you need to hire a master of illusion, who can turn water in to whiskey, and pull fluffy white rabbits out of their top hats and saw people in half (and put them back together again, of course!).
Australia today has a broad range of magic shops which offer you a wide selection of cards and other tools and equipment with which to create wonderful illusions. Our specially designed and printed decks of cards, which are sometimes printed in small quantities in order to make them extra special to own, are accompanied with instructions on a range of tricks that you can perform. They carry various themes upon them, including the tried and tested, traditional prints such as the old fashioned “bicycle”, and much more modern themes such as those related to your favourite fantasy movies. We guarantee that we stock something that would suit everybody’s taste and style.
And of these stores, our own one is very special indeed.Because ours stocks the widest range of tools with which to practice, hone and display the mystical art of illusion. Our products have the highest power in making your audience marvel at your mystical mastery of tricks and illusions that will leave each of them talking about it for weeks on end. If you’re truly lucky, they would even want to follow in your footsteps and take up the art of illusion themselves!
You will also be pleased to know that unlike some magic shops, our store is online, and each and every item that we have in stock can be viewed at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home. It is then simply a matter of selecting which items you would like to own, and proceed to check out. Before you know it, your order will be delivered to your doorstep and you are ready to go.
And there’s more. We also stock a wider range of DVDs which carry instructions on lots of new tricks and illusions which you can learn and master. Many tips and tricks are included in these DVDs, including the style in which you should talk and the gestures that you should make in order to let your audience feel that they are truly in the hypnotic presence of a master!
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